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Why Us?: Our aim is to make going through the divorce process clearer, simpler, less confusing, while saving our clients money (compared to using a solicitor).

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All the forms you need for Free!

All the forms you need to start your divorce application for free.

We provide the forms for free, to save you time trawling the internet or locating where to obtain them from. Many providers only include the forms as part of a paid service. Here at DivorceBox we believe that free forms should remain free.

Professional Guides

Professionally written guides to enable you to have confidence in choosing the do it yourself divorce option.

We provide comprehensive guidance to the divorce application process, this includes, our DivorceBox guides, examples of completed forms, frequently asked questions, timeline planner, and our step by step guide to getting a divorce.

Step by Step - Clarity

All our guidance aims to be simple to understand and follow, we remove the legal jargon and give practical examples to follow.

It is our aim to reduce the stress of the divorce process to a minimum, as we understand the pressure and emotions involved in navigating through the changes in peoples lives.

Great Customer Support

Great customer support from our team of professionals throughout your divorce.

We offer fantastic customer support throughout all our services. Any questions that you have will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

We pride ourselves on providing clear comprehensive information to all our customers.

Using Technology to save £'s

We are an online divorce services provider, this allows us to keep costs low whilst maintaining professional standards, which in turn enables us to charge our customers great prices, saving them £100’s compared to using traditional high street solicitors.

Divorce Application Form (D8), plus D8 (Notes) for free!

In one easy to access package.

Other online providers charge for this, thereby charging for forms that are available to the public for free.

100% Free with Divorcebox.com

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Divorce Application Form (D8), plus D8 (Notes).

Our comprehensive Divorce application guide.

Divorce Process Checklist, How to get a divorce – what to do step by step guide – The complete DIY divorce package.

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Your divorce application form is completed and returned to you within 24 hours. Your form is completed and checked by our staff, returned to you for signature and submission to the court.

Includes all items in our DIY Divorce Plus service.

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Divorce Application, Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute are completed and checked by our staff, returned to you for signature and submission.

Includes everything in our Simple Divorce service. Let us manage the process for you.

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