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Having made the decision to get divorced you have already taken the first and hardest step. Maybe you are unsure about what the next step is? Or maybe you made the decision some time ago and are tired of living in ‘limbo’.


Online Divorce

An online divorce will help you to take the next step to start your divorce application. can deal with the legal procedural burden by completing the divorce application for you, so that you don’t have too, and provide professional support along the way.

Alternatively we can guide you through a DIY divorce application.


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Online Divorce:”Getting what you paid for”

Anyone who was a child in the 70’s and 80’s will have a vague memory of the encyclopedia salesman. For anyone a bit younger this was a door to door salesman who sold sets of encyclopedias (26 large books) that were very popular with parents.

In a world that has wikipedia and google the encyclopedia salesman is a relic of the past.

But we should not forget that a set of books could cost thousands of pounds (in an old episode of Friends Joey could only afford the one book (letter V) and therefore became an expert on all things V and little else).

With one click of a mouse the door to door salesman was no more.

Why the lengthy example you ask? Like the salesman of old, with their expensive thick books and the long man hours spent walking door to door, legal services has changed. Technology has changed the way we access forms, do research and collect information.

At DivorceBox we have simply passed that saving on to you.

When completing your online application we use the same processes, the same forms, and it takes the same amount of time as using a traditional Solicitor.

Actually an online divorce can be quicker than using a solicitor because you don’t have to make an appointment, go into town, or co-ordinate with your ex spouse. More importantly your divorce application will be granted in the same amount of time because this is determined by the local Court/Divorce Centre.


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Finances & Children?

A divorce deals with the legal side of ending your marriage/civil partnership with the result that you are now free to marry again.

For many couples a legal end to their marriage/civil partnership is all they need.

What about kids and finances?

Whatever way you choose to divorce financial matters and childcare arrangements are dealt with separately, but often at the same time as your divorce application.

And it is these negotiations that can result in hefty legal bills.

But there is another way. And you do not have to go to court to resolve these issues.

Mediation, collaborative process, and arbitration, all offer ways to resolve issues without a court hearing. They can be used with an online divorce to end your marriage/civil partnership and remove the stress of 'going to court'.

You can use online divorce to legally divorce, and Mediation/Arbitration to finalise practical matters (finances & children). Together they offer a complete divorce package, while reducing the cost & stress of divorce.

For more information on financial and childcare arrangement see: Looking after children if you divorce

National Family Mediation: Cost of mediation?


no hidden fees - divorce online

No Solicitor Fees

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Do I really need a Solicitor to get divorced?.

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no hidden fees - edivorce

Fixed Cost Online Divorce

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All Online Divorce services are fixed cost.

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We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee*, enabling you to buy with confidence. (*terms and conditions apply)

DivorceBox & You

Here at DivorceBox our priority is customer service.

With this in mind we offer two different online divorce options:

The First option is our "Simple Online Divorce" where we complete your divorce application form for you. We also provide support throughout your application, so you have a real person to contact if you are unsure what your next step should be.

The Second option is our "Premium Service" where we complete your divorce application form for you, along with the later stage applications (the decree nisi application, and the decree absolute application). You also get our professional support throughout the whole process.

The premium service is a more "hands on" approach from us here at DivorceBox, meaning we manage the administrative side of your divorce application, leaving you free to concentrate on your future.



Online Divorce

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Online Divorce

“Box Clever” with DivorceBox


We complete all the forms for you.

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More information & frequently asked questions:

DIY Divorce


DIY Divorce is in many ways like DIY home improvements, in that it can save money, and some people are naturally good at it; but for many it is time consuming, and the results might not be what you had originally envisioned…………..DIY Divorce: read more

SIMPLE Divorce


SIMPLE Divorce is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, reducing the stress and cost of your divorce (compared to using a solicitor)…………..Simple Divorce: read more



MANAGED Divorce is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, as well as the later stage applications (decree nisi and decree absolute), let us manage your divorce application…………..Managed Divorce: read more

Latest from our blog:

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The time it takes to divorce is down to your local divorce centre / family court, no online divorce provider or solicitor can reduce this time.

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We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee*, enabling you to buy with confidence. (*terms and conditions apply)

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