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They say divorce is a journey. Everyone knows that a journey is much easier if you have a map or directions. And the easiest journeys tend to be with someone who has “been there before”, knows the route, and even knows the odd short cut.


We have all been on car trips, where we end up taking a detour, it can be costly (have you seen the price of petrol), frustrating and time consuming.

And we all know that you can avoid most detours by making sure you have what you need before you start.

DIY Divorce – “your roadmap to divorce”

Put simply our DIY divorce service provides you with a roadmap to making your own DIY divorce application.

Written by legally qualified professionals, it contains everything that you need to make your own DIY divorce application.


DIY Divorce 1 – 2 – 3

DIY Divorce: 1 – 2 – 3

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Our Guarantee – Change your DIY Divorce to Online Divorce

If after starting your journey, you wish that you could trade your map in for a Sat Nav, then you’re in luck.

Upgrade to an “Online Divorce” service

Our “30 day money back guarantee” allows you to do just that.

You can upgrade to our Simple Online Divorce service or our Managed Online Divorce service, and offset the sums you have already paid.

So you never pay more for changing your mind.


DIY Divorce: Common Questions

Q: DIY online divorce service, what is it?

A: Our "DIY Divorce Service" is what it says on the tin, we provide detailed guidance and all the forms you need, to complete your own divorce application.

Q: What's included, in the DIY divorce service?

The DIY Divorce Service includes:

DivorceBox Application Guide (D8)

How to get divorced – what to do step by step?

Divorce process check-list

Divorce timeline planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of completed forms

email support

Q: How does the DivorceBox DIY divorce service work?

A:This is a do it yourself service.

All the information you need to complete your own divorce application.

Divorce application support (by email).

Q:What does it cost?

A: Our "DIY divorce" service costs £39, that's it, there are no other fees/charges from us.

There is also a court fee of £550 (payable to the court directly), this is payable whether you DIY divorce, online divorce, or use a solicitor.

Court fee remission is available if you are on certain benefits, or a low income

Q:Whats the difference between a DIY Divorce and a Simple Online Divorce?

A:With an "Online Divorce" you get:

Your Application Form Completed & Checked - Your divorce application form is completed and checked by us.

To Avoid Delays - Start today, and avoid delays caused by incorrectly filled in forms (also avoid the £95 resubmission fee, charged by the courts for errors).

To Save Time - Because we complete the divorce application form for you. You don’t need to spend hours going through the guidance and learning about the divorce process.

Professional Support - You have a consistent point of contact throughout your divorce application.

DIY application

form guidance.

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"Box Clever" with DivorceBox


DIY Application

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No Solicitor Fees

No Solicitors


No Fees

Laws best kept secret

Do I really need a Solicitor to get divorced?.

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no hidden fees - edivorce

Fixed Cost Online Divorce

“Box Clever”


fixed cost services

No nasty surprises

All Online Divorce services are fixed cost.

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We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee*, enabling you to buy with confidence. (*terms and conditions apply)

More information & frequently asked questions:

ONLINE Divorce


Having made the decision to get divorced you have already taken the first and hardest step. Maybe you are unsure about what the next step is? Or maybe you made the decision some time ago and are tired of the ‘limbo’ that you find yourself in……………Online Divorce: read more

SIMPLE Divorce


SIMPLE Divorce is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, reducing the stress and cost of your divorce (compared to using a solicitor)…………..Simple Divorce: read more



Our PREMIUM SERVICE is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, as well as the later stage applications (decree nisi and decree absolute), let us manage your divorce application..............Premium Service: read more

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By starting today, you will be getting the quickest possible divorce.

The time it takes to divorce is down to your local divorce centre / family court, no online divorce provider or solicitor can reduce this time.

Divorce Petition/Application Form (D8), & D8 (Notes)

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We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee*, enabling you to buy with confidence. (*terms and conditions apply)

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