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At DivorceBox we are proud to do things differently.


We recognised that the current system was not working well for the vast majority of clients, we believe that there is an easier and simpler way of doing things.


Divorce is never easy but it shouldn’t have to be complicated, difficult or confrontational.

When this happens the only party that ‘wins’ is the one charging by the hour.



Personalised Service

No two divorces are the same, so we offer tailored solutions so that you get the right amount of support throughout the process.

YOU choose the level of support and assistance that you need to meet YOUR families needs.

More importantly you always know exactly how much it is going to cost upfront.




Online Divorce

Designed to offer a legitimate alternative to traditional legal services. We use our own experienced, legally qualified in house legal team, and utilise the advances in technology to provide an alternative solution to those seeking a simple divorce.

Your entire divorce application can be dealt with online leaving you free to concentrate on the things that really matter.

What can be complex is making arrangements in respect of finances, property and children.

And there are non court based alternatives available for resolving these issues.

We fully believe that access to information supports access to justice. That’s why we refuse to charge for forms that are a available for free from HMCTS ( Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service) under Crown Copyright. With something as important as your future happiness at stake, an informed choice is a smart choice.


More information & frequently asked questions:

DIY Divorce


DIY Divorce is in many ways like DIY home improvements, in that it can save money, and some people are naturally good at it; but for many it is time consuming, and the results might not be what you had originally envisioned…………..DIY Divorce: read more

SIMPLE Divorce


SIMPLE Divorce is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, reducing the stress and cost of your divorce (compared to using a solicitor)…………..Simple Divorce: read more



Our PREMIUM SERVICE is DivorceBox completing your divorce application form for you, as well as the later stage applications (decree nisi and decree absolute), let us manage your divorce application..............Premium Service: read more

Divorce Petition/Application Form (D8), & D8 (Notes)

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Do it yourself Guide, with email support.

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Let us complete the divorce application form for you.

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We complete your divorce application form (+nisi +absolute)

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We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee*, enabling you to buy with confidence. (*terms and conditions apply)

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