Divorce Myth #18 – Mediation is Expensive

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Divorce Myth #18 – Mediation is Expensive


Unlike most family law matters, legal aid is still available for mediation if you meet the income criteria.

For more information on mediation and legal aid see: https://www.gov.uk/looking-after-children-divorce/mediation

If you do not meet the criteria for legal aid the average cost of a mediation session is around £50 + VAT.

If you were to apply for an ancillary relief order, the application fee alone is £255, and this is excluding legal fee’s which on average cost around £2800* per person for cases going to court.

Additionally the more you can agree in advance as couple the fewer sessions of mediation required, so you can both play a pro-active role in reducing the cost to your family.

Mediation therefore offers a cost effective and less acrimonious solution to resolving issues following separation/divorce. More importantly it puts the couple at the heart of the decision making process. And unlike a court order, where a third party makes a decision which is then imposed on a couple, mediation provides a forum where an independent and impartial third party will help a couple arrive at a decision, whereby the individuals who will be affected by the decision help to shape the outcome.

Mediation and online divorce can be used together to provide a cost effective solution for couples seeking to divorce.


Louise Hudson: February 24, 2016.

Louise Hudson is head of legal operations at DivorceBox.com

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